Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 11

After breakfast we got in the Pathfinder and drove the “Alpine Loop”. This is a four wheel drive road which goes from Lake City over Engineer Pass and Cinamon Pass back to Lake City. It has two offshoot roads which go to Silverton and Ouray. We didn’t take those because it took us all day just to do the 55 mile loop. The road was very scary, steep, rough, and narrow – it really should be a one-way road. There are a lot of old silver and gold mines along this route. About 14 miles out of Lake City on the loop is the “Warren – Youngmeyer Campground” where my sister Judy has been spending summers for the past 30 years or so. Her childen and grandchildren and my brothers and I have also camped here often. Judy, her son Paul and his wife and daughter were here a few weeks ago.

My T-Mobile Dash cell phone has stopped operating. I have been using it to connect to the internet for updating the blog. From now on posts may be sporadic since I'll only be able to access the internet via WIFI hot spots. I'm at an internet cafe in Lake City now.

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