Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 10

We left Elk Creek Campground and drove south to Lake City. This is where my parents had their honeymoon in the early 1930’s. We set up the trailer on the shore of Lake San Cristobal in the Hinsdale County Wupperman Campground. There were some camp sites high on a cliff overlooking the lake, but we chose one right on the lake. My great-nephew Will is working at the Sportsman outdoor shop as a fishing guide during his summer break from college. We played cell phone tag with him throughout the day so we drove to town, looked around a while, went to the Packer Saloon to have a beer, then to the visitors center. Will knew our campsite number and he dropped by our campsite late in the afternoon and visited a while. His grandfather is vacationing in a cabin nearby and he stopped by for a few minutes.

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