Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 11

The Service Engine Soon light came back on on the Pathfinder. I drove to to Oreilly’s Auto Parts in Sturgis to have them hook up their code analyzer to see what the problem was. It was the fuel guage sensor voltage was too high. I surfed the internet for this and found that this is a very common problem with 2005 Pathfinders and a lot of people are upset that Nissan has not issued a recall for the problem. Oreilly reset the warning light to turn it off. We’ll just keep a close eye on our miles between fillups. We hooked up and drove the scenic drive through Spearfish Canyon – we saw three waterfalls along the way. We set up the trailer at the Timon Campground in the Black Hills National Forest near Savoy, South Dakota. Part of the movie Dances With Wolves was filmed near our campsite.

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