Monday, August 31, 2009

August 30

Jim made breakfast in his dutch oven - sausage, hash browns and eggs. We hooked up and drove back to Houston. We backed the Casita into the driveway so we could unload it and clean it up before returning it to the storage lot. Carolyn immediately went to work cleaning up the overgrown plants in the yard. While we were gone all of the azaleas in the front yard flower bed had died from the drought. We will have to replace them with something more drought resistant. This trip was a great way to escape the Texas summer heat. We didn't have to use the Casita's air conditioner until we got back into Texas.

Here are some statistics from our trip:

Total days camping: 98
Total miles driven: 12,866
Total gasoline cost: $2,284.26
Average gasoline cost per gallon: $2.44
Average gasoline cost per day: $23.31
Average mileage: 14.9 miles per gallon
Total campground cost: $893.91
Average campground cost per day: $9.12
States visited: 13
Canadian provinces visited: 2
Pictures taken: 8,413
Nights camping at:
National forest campgrounds - 32
Bureau of Land Management campgrounds - 19
Passport America RV parks (half price) - 14
National parks - 9
County and city parks - 9
State parks - 5
Friend's driveway - 4
Canadian national park - 2
Canadian provincial park - 1
Indian casino parking lot - 1
Wal Mart parking lot - 1
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers park - 1


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  1. Betty and I believe in a hearty breakfast and this one fits into our favorite category. Great blog ! We have started from here and are reading back in chronological order.
    harm & bett the MOUNTAINBORNS